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Sarah Adams

Name: Sarah Adams

Office: SY 0021
Email: adamssn at

Originally from North Carolina, Sarah graduated from Davidson College with a BA in Philosophy in 2010. She began her studies at the University of Indiana in the fall of 2011, and some of her philosophy interests include Philosophy of Language, Logic, and Metaphysics. She is particularly interested in the concepts of infinity and nothing, and how they might relate to numbers and time. She also enjoys reading Existentialism (although she probably doesn't understand much of it).

When not studying philosophy, Sarah likes to read, do jigsaw puzzles, play Scrabble with her roommates, go hiking, or teach belly dancing classes.

Dylan Black

Name: Dylan Black

Office: SY 0023
Email: dylblack at

I have a BA in philosophy from the University of Kansas and an MA in philosophy from Northern Illinois University. I have interests in epistemology, the philosophy of language, and the philosophy of biology. Specifically, I’m interested in the epistemic normativity of assertion and the biological distinction between selection for and selection of.

Susan Blake

Name: Susan Blake

Office: SY 009
Email: blakes at

My dissertation lies at the crossroads of epistemology and philosophy of language. (Here be dragons!) Specifically, I am investigating the implications of anti-individualism and belief-content externalism for epistemic theories of perception. Most interesting to me are questions about the goodness of reasons—what makes perception good grounds for belief? I argue that neither internalist nor externalist accounts of why perception is good grounds for belief can answer that question without relying on the person’s access to her own states (i.e., without rejecting access internalism). This result renders both internalist and externalist forms of foundationalism implausible.

I read classical Chinese, and have major research interests in Chinese philosophy, mainly in the Daoist tradition (both 道家and 道教) and in defending Mohism from the scurrilous attacks of the Ruists.

In my copious spare time, I enjoy collecting mushrooms, doing diagramless and cryptic crosswords, reading fiction of dubious literary merit, and training ineffectually for triathlons.

Curriculum Vitae

Daniel Buckley

Name: Daniel Buckley

Office: SY 0017
Email: dsbuckle at

Dan holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Elizabethtown College and a master's degree in Philosophy from Northern Illinois University. Primary interests: ethics and epistemology. Secondary interests: history of analytic philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of language, logic, history of modern philosophy, and pragmatism.

Emmalon Davis

Name: Emmalon Davis

Office: SY 009
Email: davisemm at

Thomas Decker

Name: Thomas Decker

Office: SY 013
Email: thedecke at

Michael Elmer

Name: Michael Elmer

Office: SY 0017
Email: micelmer at

Uri Eran

Name: Uri Eran

Office: SY 0017
Email: urieran at

I am primarily interested in Kant's practical philosophy, and in the relation between moral and political philosophy. I also have interests in moral psychology and motivation, and in Ancient ethics. When too tired to philosophize, I like to play and listen to music.

Tristan Ferrell

Name: Tristan Ferrell

Office: SY 013

Principal areas of interest: ethics, philosophy of mind and action, epistemology, psychoanalysis. Figures of interest: Aristotle, Aquinas, Kant, Freud, Anscombe, McDowell.

David Fisher

Name: David Fisher

Office: SY 013
Email: dffisher at

I have a BA in philosophy from the University of Vermont and an MS in math from George Mason University. The following quote by Achille Varzi (given in a different context) aptly describes my research priorities: "Metaphysics comes first, as long as logic is already there."

Josh Hieronymus

Name: Josh Hieronymus

Email: jhierony at

Josh Hieronymus received his undergraduate degree from Princeton University in 2007. His main areas of interest are metaphysics and logic, with a particular focus on the topics of material ontology, properties, and causation.

Noam Hoffer

Name: Noam Hoffer

Email: yhoffer at

I was born in Haifa, Israel. That was a long time ago. Later I moved to Tel-Aviv where I worked as a programmer and studied philosophy, earning a B.A. and an M.A. from Tel-Aviv University. My philosophical interests are diverse and include Kant's ethics, Kant's aesthetics and Kant's philosophy of religion. Additionally I like ordinary language philosophy. Since I moved to Bloomington my hobbies were limited to reading political blogs and gadgets news, refined TV and Mario Kart Wii.

Hao Hong

Name: Hao Hong

Office: SY 0025
Email: haohong at

Hao received his BA in philosophy and economics, and MA in philosophy, from Peking University, Beijing, China. He began his studies at IU in the fall of 2010. Hao's philosophy interests include metaphysics (truthmakers, modality, fundamentality, properties, metametaphysics, etc.) and epistemology (the relation between warrant and truth, epistemic luck, testimony, disagreement, etc.). He also finds in himself an increasing interest in the history of analytic philosophy (Carnap, Quine, Davidson, etc.).

Outside of philosophy, Hao enjoys watching football, playing basketball, reading gossip, playing video games, and consuming steaks, espresso, and beer.

Kevin Houser

Name: Kevin Houser

Office: SY 024
Email: klhouser at

Katja Kaelin

Name: Katja Kaelin

Office: SY 0021
Email: kakaelin at

Mary-Mariam Kennedy

Name: Mary-Mariam Kennedy

Office: SY 0021

Tufan Kiymaz

Name: Tufan Kiymaz

Office: SY 0023
Email: tkiymaz at

Tim Leisz

Name: Tim Leisz

Email: twleisz at

Daniel Lindquist

Name: Daniel Lindquist

Email: danlindq at

Daniel got a BA in theology from Southern Nazarene University, and then a MA in the humanities from the University of Chicago. He likes Wittgenstein, Davidson, Germans, and McDowell.

Daniel Linsenbardt

Name: Daniel Linsenbardt

Office: SY 0019
Email: djlinsen at

Sharon Mason

Name: Sharon Mason

Office: SY 009
Email: masonse at

Sharon joined the Indiana University philosophy program in the fall of 2007 after earning a M.A. in Philosophy from Northern Illinois University. Her research is in contemporary epistemology, and her dissertation addresses a group of issues at the nexus of the theory of knowledge and theorizing about the first-person perspective. She is particularly interested in how to understand certain central motivations and arguments for internalism, the nature and epistemological significance of the first-person perspective, and the possibility of developing a unified theory of human epistemic flourishing. Other philosophical interests include virtue epistemology, the history of philosophy (especially early modern philosophy), and feminist philosophy. Also, one day she would very much like to develop and teach a course on philosophy and food.

Most of the books on her bookshelf at home are non-fiction, but she occasionally dabbles in classic literature and fantasy. She likes to garden and revels in the art of producing good food and enjoying it with others. She especially prizes a good cup of tea.

Samuel McMyler

Name: Samuel McMyler

Office: SY 0025
Email: smcmyler at

Sam received his undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago in 2006. He is interested in philosophy of language and epistemology, with a particular focus on ordinary language philosophy and J. L. Austin.

Kevin Mills

Name: Kevin Mills

Office: SY 0023
Email: kevmills at

Kevin has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Toronto and a Master's from the University of Western Ontario. He is primarily interested in questions about the foundations of ethics; however, often as means to that end, he is also interested in philosophy of mind, epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of language, and logic.

Nick Montgomery

Name: Nick Montgomery

Office: SY 0023
Email: nicmontg at

Originally from Tennessee, Nick received his BA in Philosophy and Religion with a concentration in Classics from Roanoke College in 2009. In the fall 2010, Nick received an MA in Philosophy from Brandeis University, and began his studies at Bloomington in the fall 2011. His primary interests are in Metaphysics and Philosophy of Language, with particular emphasis on ontology, meta-ontology, vagueness and what, if any, the limits of expression for certain properties and propositions might be. He also enjoys (?) being very confused by many of the questions in the Philosophy of Religion.

Outside of the philosophy classroom, Nick enjoys comic books, television, puns, hats, table top games, hiking, inserting nonsense words into normal conversation, eating, and trying different sorts of beer.

Monica Morrison

Name: Monica Morrison

Office: SY 0021
Email: moamorri at

Sean Murphy

Name: Sean Murphy

Office: SY 0017
Email: murphyst at

Wade Munroe

Name: Wade Munroe

Office: SY 0019
Email: wemunroe at

Timothy Perrine

Name: Tim Perrine

Office: SY 0025
Email: tperrine at

Tim Perrine began his studies at IU in the Fall of 2010, after receiving a BA in philosophy from Calvin College the same year. His primary research interest is epistemology (evidence, probability, the problem of induction, epistemic evaluation, etc.). He has secondary research interests in philosophy of religion (skeptical theism, epistemology of religious experience), ethics (consequentialism, virtue & vice theory), and metaphysics (ontology, modality). In the history of philosophy, he studies the early modern period and the history of analytic philosophy.

Blakley Phillips

Name: Blakley Phillips

Office: SY 009
Email: bllphill at

Michael Rings

Name: Michael Rings

Email: mrings at

I received a BA in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and an MA in the same from California State University, Long Beach. My interests lie in aesthetics, ethics, and political philosophy, particularly at the points where these areas intersect. My current dissertation research focuses on the notion of cosmopolitanism (in its philosophical formulations, particularly that found in moral philosophy), as a guiding ideal in projects of moral and aesthetic self-cultivation. More specifically, I consider one such possible project, what I call the “aesthetic cosmopolitan project”—the active, morally serious project of cultivating an appreciation for artworks that are culturally non-native to the appreciator, in a manner that is informed by certain cosmopolitan principles and sentiments (including, but not limited to, moral universalism, anti-parochialism, and pluralism). Though one may have good reasons to pursue such a project (e.g., as an opportunity to broaden one’s aesthetic horizons, or to foster a better understanding of other communities via cross-cultural art appreciation), I contend that there are also many ways in which it can go wrong (e.g., falling prey to various, perhaps subtle, forms of aesthetic chauvinism, ethnocentrism, exoticism, dilettantism, exploitative or imperialist attitudes, etc). Accordingly, the chief goal of my dissertation’s inquiry is not just to characterize such a project and outline what its pursuit entails for the agent who adopts it, but to also provide a philosophical account of what is involved in pursuing it well—i.e., to present a profile of the virtuous aesthetic cosmopolitan who will not only reliably avoid the pitfalls above, but also exemplify cosmopolitan values in her appreciative practices. I am also interested in the more existential issues that the cosmopolitan might have to negotiate, such as authenticity, alienation, and various quandaries of personal identity.

In addition to this project, I also have interests in the philosophy of music (specifically ontology, issues involving rock and popular music), 19th and 20th century Continental philosophy (especially Nietzsche and Levinas), American pragmatism, and the work of Stanley Cavell. When not doing philosophy, I try to be an active musician and songwriter, working mostly in the genres of experimental rock and free improvisation.

Krista Rodkey

Name: Krista Rodkey

Office: SY 019
Email: krodkey at

Krista Rodkey graduated summa cum laude from Westmont College in 2007 and started her graduate studies at IU in the fall of that year. In 2009-10 she did an MSt program in ancient philosophy at the University of Oxford. She is now continuing her studies at IU where she finds herself perpetually intrigued by the following: ancient philosophy (especially Plato), Hume and Berkeley, early analytic philosophy (especially Carnap and dear old Frege), and issues of imagination and conceptualization whenever and wherever they arise.

Taylor Rogers

Name: Taylor Rogers

Email: taaroger at

Taylor is originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a born and bred Tarheel. She graduated from Oberlin College with a BA in Philosophy and Third-World Studies. Her philosophical interests include the intersection of aesthetics and ethics, eastern religious thought, and applied ethics. She is particularly curious about the way in which aesthetic and religious experiences shape and inform one another. She is also impassioned by issues relating to environmental ethics and animal ethics.

When not studying philosophy, Taylor likes to write and play music, practice yoga, jump rope, hike, or quietly observe trees. She is always aiming to inform her philosophical work by direct engagement with the aesthetic in daily activity. She is also a UNC basketball fanatic.

Andrew Smith

Name: Andrew Smith

Office: SY 0019
Email: smith986 at

Andrew graduated from the University of Florida in 2013 with a BA in Philosophy and Linguistics. He is currently interested in the history of analytic philosophy, epistemology, and philosophy of language.

Curtis Sommerlatte

Name: Curtis Sommerlatte

Office: SY 124
Email: csommerl at

Levi Tenen

Name: Levi Tenen

Office: SY 0019
Email: ltenen at

I grew up in Tucson, AZ and received a BA in Philosophy from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR. I began my studies at Indiana University in the fall of 2013. My philosophic interests include— among other things— contemporary and historical debates in metaphysics, epistemology, and the philosophy of language.

Outside of philosophy, my primary interest is cycling. Secondary interests include baking, coffee roasting, and winemaking.

Ivan Verano

Name: Ivan Verano

Office: SY 0019
Email: iverano at

I hold a B.A. Universidad de Los Andes, an M.A. Philosophy, Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Bogotá, Colombia), and a M.Sc. Logic, Computation and Methodology, Carnegie Mellon University. I am interested in formal representations of knowledge, the epistemic logics that may result, and the computational properties of said models. As a secondary interest, I often ponder the aesthetic properties of beer and similar beverages.

Harrison Waldo

Name: Harrison Waldo

Office: SY 0025
Email: hwaldo at

Philip Woodward

Name: Philip Woodward

Office: SY 019
Email: ppwoodwa at