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People | Current Graduate Students

Shannon Abelson

Name: Shannon Abelson

Office: SY 0021
Email: abelson at indiana.edu

I work in philosophy of physics (especially spacetime), scientific methodology, particularly modeling, and scientific confirmation. I also have strong interests in history of analytic philosophy, climate science, and philosophy of biology.

Zara Anwarzai

Name: Zara Anwarzai

Office: SY 0021
Email: zanwarza at iu.edu

I graduated from Bard College at Simon's Rock in 2015, with a double major in Philosophy and Cross-Cultural Studies and a minor in Francophone Studies. After completing my undergraduate degree, I went to Luxembourg as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. I remained in Luxembourg for an additional year to see through my research, utilize my French, and learn German. After coming back to the US, I worked in editorial at a publishing company.

My interests include Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, and action theory. I am currently pursuing a joint degree in Philosophy and Cognitive Science. I played soccer and the viola (never concurrently, unfortunately) throughout most of my life. I think about reality TV a lot.

Autumn Averitt

Name: Autumn Averitt

Office: SY 0025
Email: aaveritt at indiana.edu

I received my B.A. in philosophy from Baylor University in 2014. My interests are varied, but mostly hover around what I find central to understanding human nature. Thus far, philosophy of mind, free will, and metaethics dominate my attention. When avoiding the various existential crises imminent in further philosophizing, I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and climbing.

Flor Aviles

Name: Flor Aviles

Office: SY 0025
Email: faviles at indiana.edu

Flor graduated with a BA in Philosophy from Rutgers University in 2015. During her year off she prepared her dossier whilst working part-time in the wondrous world of retail—a job that enabled her to learn valuable lessons such as, patience is probably a virtue.

Values, virtues, and mostly anything relating to ethics or metaethics tends to preoccupy Flor's thoughts. Flor also has interests in practical reason, and, as of more recently, has taken a shine to topics in the philosophy of language and personal identity.

When she's not busy theorizing or daydreaming or reminiscing, Flor enjoys listening to music as well as playing video games with her fabulous friends.

Alexander Buchinski

Name: Alexander Buchinski

Office: SY 0025
Email: abuchins at iu.edu

Alex has a BA and an MA in Philosophy from the University of Alberta, and a JD from the University of Victoria. His primary research interest is the philosophy of Immanuel Kant (especially Kant’s theoretical, practical, and legal philosophy). His secondary research interest is 19th and 20th Century German Philosophy (especially Fichte, Hegel, Marx, and Heidegger). He is also interested in early modern, medieval, and ancient philosophy.

Daniel Buckley

Name: Daniel Buckley

Office: SY 009
Email: dsbuckle at indiana.edu

Dan holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Elizabethtown College and a master's degree in Philosophy from Northern Illinois University. Primary interests: ethics and epistemology. Secondary interests: history of analytic philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of language, logic, history of modern philosophy, and pragmatism.

Jacob Caldwell

Name: Jacob Caldwell

Office: SY 0019
Email: jacfcald at iu.edu

Luke Capek

Name: Luke Capek

Office: SY 0019
Email: lcapek at iu.edu

David Dake

Name: Dan Dake

Office: SY 0019
Email: rddake at indiana.edu

I received my M.A. in philosophy from Northern Illinois University. Broadly, I am interested in the following areas: epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of logic, metaphysics of theism, and medieval philosophy. More specifically, I have a vested interest in: modal conditions on the nature of knowledge, the skeptical problem, the nature of reference, minimalism about truth, perfect being theology and Augustine. While not doing philosophy, I enjoy all things poetry and gustatory. Gerard Manley Hopkins and George Herbert are my constant companions. If I’m neither reading Hopkins or Herbert nor philosophizing, then I’m probably cooking, drinking wine (or scotch or brandy or mezcal), and enjoying the company of my wife.

Thomas Decker

Name: Thomas Decker

Office: SY 013
Email: thedecke at indiana.edu

Logan Douglass

Name: Logan Douglass

Office: SY 0023
Email: logadoug at indiana.edu

Uri Eran

Name: Uri Eran

Office: SY 013
Email: urieran at indiana.edu

I am primarily interested in Kant's practical philosophy, and in the relation between moral and political philosophy. I also have interests in moral psychology and motivation, and in Ancient ethics. When too tired to philosophize, I like to play and listen to music.

Martina Favaretto

Name: Martina Favaretto

Office: SY 0019
Email: mfavaret at indiana.edu

David Fisher

Name: David Fisher

Office: SY 013
Email: dffisher at indiana.edu

I have a BA in philosophy from the University of Vermont and an MS in math from George Mason University. The following quote by Achille Varzi (given in a different context) aptly describes my research priorities: "Metaphysics comes first, as long as logic is already there."


Name: Kjell Fostervold

Office: SY 0021
Email: kfosterv at iu.edu

Originally from Minnesota, I hold a B.A. in philosophy from St. Cloud State University and a M.A. in philosophy from Texas Tech University. My main philosophical interests revolve around value theory and the normative, including metaethical questions concerning the truth and objectivity of ethical judgments, the structure and nature of practical reason, and all things related to the virtues and Aristotle. I also have interests in social and political philosophy, Wittgenstein, and philosophical methodology. Beyond philosophy, I’m interested in intellectual history and literature, and can often be found enjoying craft beer while listening to classic rock and metal much louder than is healthy or necessary.

Paul Howatt

Name: Paul Howatt

Office: SY 0017
Email: pjhowatt at iu.edu

Katja Kaelin

Name: Katja Kaelin

Office: SY 009
Email: kakaelin at indiana.edu

Suzanne Kawamleh

Name: Suzanne Kawamleh

Office: SY 0025
Email: skawamle at indiana.edu

Mary-Mariam Kennedy

Name: Mary-Mariam Kennedy

Office: SY 0021
Email: maelkenn at indiana.edu

Tim Leisz

Name: Tim Leisz

Office: SY 013
twleisz at indiana.edu

Daniel Lindquist

Name: Daniel Lindquist

Office: SY 013
Email: danlindq at indiana.edu

Daniel got a BA in theology from Southern Nazarene University, and then a MA in the humanities from the University of Chicago. He likes Wittgenstein, Davidson, Germans, and McDowell.

Daniel Linsenbardt

Name: Daniel Linsenbardt

Office: SY 118
Email: djlinsen at indiana.edu

Michael Lodato

Name: Michael Lodato

Office: SY 0021
Email: mjlodato at indiana.edu

Mike received a B.A. in philosophy from Holy Cross in 2014. His interests include metaphysics, the history of analytic philosophy, Wittgenstein, and the history and philosophy of science, especially physics.

Kevin Mills

Name: Kevin Mills

Office: SY 019
Email: kevmills at indiana.edu

Kevin has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Toronto and a Master's from the University of Western Ontario. He is primarily interested in questions about the foundations of ethics; however, often as means to that end, he is also interested in philosophy of mind, epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of language, and logic.

Nick Montgomery

Name: Nick Montgomery

Office: SY 0023
Email: nicmontg at indiana.edu

Originally from Tennessee, Nick received his BA in Philosophy and Religion with a concentration in Classics from Roanoke College in 2009. In the fall 2010, Nick received an MA in Philosophy from Brandeis University, and began his studies at Bloomington in the fall 2011. His primary interests are in Metaphysics and Philosophy of Language, with particular emphasis on ontology, meta-ontology, vagueness and what, if any, the limits of expression for certain properties and propositions might be. He also enjoys (?) being very confused by many of the questions in the Philosophy of Religion.

Outside of the philosophy classroom, Nick enjoys comic books, television, puns, hats, table top games, hiking, inserting nonsense words into normal conversation, eating, and trying different sorts of beer.

Name: M. Morrison

Office: SY019

Ricky Mouser

Name: Ricky Mouser

Office: SY 0017
Email: rimouser at iu.edu

Wade Munroe

Name: Wade Munroe

Office: SY 118
Email: wemunroe at indiana.edu

Sean Murphy

Name: Sean Murphy

Office: SY 009
Email: murphyst at indiana.edu

I attained my BA from the University of New Hampshire, where I studied philosophy and art history, and my MA in philosophy from University College Dublin. I specialize in 19th and 20th century German philosophy. In my dissertation, I explore the extent to which Schopenhauer’s ethical thought can be organized into, and coherently interpreted as, a form of moral sentimentalism. My other area of primary research is aesthetics. At present I am focused on the debate surrounding the cognitive value of literature, though I maintain an interest in the larger debate concerning cognitivist and non-cognitivist theories of art. I also have a steadily budding interest in meta-ethics, especially questions about nihilism and the objectivity of values. Finally, although Kant is not the focus of my dissertation, he's never really out of my mind. 

Office: SY 0023
Email: spearlma at iu.edu

Savannah graduated from Brandeis University magna cum laude in 2012, majoring in Philosophy and minoring in French and Politics. After working as a higher education administrator for two years, Savannah returned to school, receiving her MA in Philosophy from Tufts University in 2016. She is primarily interested in the intersection of Epistemology and Logic. Most recently, she has been preoccupied with the truth value of knowledge sentences, and whether such values vary by the context of utterance.

Paul Shephard

Name: Paul Shephard

Office: SY 0023
Email: pshephar at indiana.edu

I received my B.A. from the State University of New York at Fredonia with a double major in philosophy and economics, and I received my M.A. in philosophy from Northern Illinois University. My main areas of concern are epistemology, ethics, and metaphysics (specifically the free will debate). I also enjoy dabbling in other areas that often intersect with epistemology, such as philosophy of language and metaethics. Outside of philosophy, I am a rabid Buffalo Bills fan and player of every inexpensive sport.

Josiah Skogen

Name: Josiah Skogen

Office: SY 0017
Email: jskogen at iu.edu

Andrew Smith

Name: Andrew Smith

Office: SY 118
Email: smith986 at imail.iu.edu

My research is focused on the history of analytic philosophy - primarily W.V. Quine, Rudolf Carnap, and Gottlob Frege - and an array of issues in epistemology and metaphysics (both broadly construed) that arise from my historical work, including philosophical naturalism, ontology and meta-ontology, truth by convention, theories of truth, sense and nonsense, the analytic-synthetic distinction, empiricism, the epistemology of logic and mathematics, and external world skepticism. I also have research interests in philosophy of language, logic and the philosophy of logic, philosophy of mathematics, and general philosophy of science, as well as teaching interests in ethics and business ethics.

Kyle Stroh

Name: Kyle Stroh

Office: SY 0023
Email: strohk at iu.edu

Name: Ferhat Taskin

Office: SY 0017
Email: ftaskin at iu.edu

Levi Tenen

Name: Levi Tenen

Office: SY 009
Email: ltenen at indiana.edu

I am interested in ethics, aesthetics, and environmental philosophy. Specifically, I'm curious about our responsibilities regarding, and perhaps to, future persons, non-rational entities, non-sentient entities, and non-living entities. In my current research, I am curious about what properties natural non-living entities have that might be valuable, whether such values entail that we have a responsibility to treat such entities in a certain way for their own sake, and whether aesthetic considerations adequately justify some versions of environmentalism. In my free time, I roast coffee and enjoy cycling.

Ivan Verano

Name: Ivan Verano

Office: SY 019
Email: iverano at indiana.edu

I hold a B.A. Universidad de Los Andes, an M.A. Philosophy, Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Bogotá, Colombia), and a M.Sc. Logic, Computation and Methodology, Carnegie Mellon University. I am interested in formal representations of knowledge, the epistemic logics that may result, and the computational properties of said models. As a secondary interest, I often ponder the aesthetic properties of beer and similar beverages.

Harrison Waldo

Name: Harrison Waldo

Email: hwaldo at indiana.edu

Elizabeth Williams

Name: Elizabeth Williams

Office: SY 0021
Email: ecw3 at iu.edu