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Kate Abramson

Kate AbramsonAssociate Professor of Philosophy

Office: Sycamore Hall 115
Phone: 856-3676
Email: kaabrams at


  • Wellesley College B.A. 1990
  • University of Chicago, Ph.D. 1997

Her areas of specialization include Hume, history of ethics, contemporary ethics, and early modern philosophy (especially British philosophy). Two of her current projects are a monograph on the evolution of Hume's moral philosophy titled, The Artifice of Nature: From Philosopher to Reflective Man, and an annotated collection of background historical sources necessary for understanding the context of Hume's Treatise, under contract with CUP. Her recent and forthcoming publications include "What's so 'Natural' about the Natural Virtues?" (forthcoming, Cambridge Companion to Hume's Treatise), "Sympathy and Hume's 'Spectator-Centered Theory of Virtue" (forthcoming, Blackwell Companion to Hume), "Adam Smith on Perfect Virtue" (Adam Smith als Moralphilosoph, De Gruyter, 2005),  "Two Portraits of the Humean Moral Agent" (Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 83 (2002)), and "Sympathy and the Project of Hume's Second Enquiry" (Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 83.1, 2001). She has been a fellow at the Rockefeller Center for Human Values at Princeton University, and received grants from the American Council of Learned Societies and the American Philosophical Society. She was also awarded a grant by the AAUW and a fellow position the Newberry Library which she had to decline, having accepted other grant/fellow combinations. She is a signatory on the 'Online Petition in Support of the Gendered Conference Campaign'; please visit for details.