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Indiana University Bloomington

Myles and Peg Brand Fellowship 2012-2013

Sharon Mason specializes in epistemology and aspects of the philosophy of mind closely related to it.  In her dissertation, Mason argues that internalism in epistemology is central not to knowledge and justification, as many epistemologists believe, but to a proper account of mature human cognition.  

The Brand Fellowship, which is awarded every two to three years, is endowed by a generous gift from Myles and Peg Brand, both former faculty members of the IU philosophy department.  Myles and Peg were both very aware of the professional difficulties faced by female philosophers and they have asked that preference be given to female students.  Since 2005 we have been using the fellowship to give outstanding female graduate students a year in which to work full time on their dissertations. 

The previous recipients of this fellowship are:

  • Elizabeth Tropman (2005-2006). Her dissertation is titled "Moral Realism and the New Intuitionism" and she is currently Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at Colorado State University. 
  • Ellie Wang (2007-2008). Her dissertation is titled "Toward an Empirically Grounded Theory of Virtues for Consequentialism", and she is currently assistant professor in National Chengchi University in Taiwan.
  • Kari Theurer (2009-2010).  Theurer defended her dissertation, “Rethinking Reductionism from 17th Century Mechanism to Contemporary", in June 2012, and starts in the fall of 2012 as Assistant Professor at Trinity College in Hartford, CT.