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Indiana University Bloomington

Graduate Program

Graduate Placement Record

Here is our placement record, going back to 1986. We list people in two categories:

  • Completed Ph.D.'s. Here we list all people who have completed Ph.D.'s in our Department, from 1986 on, whether they pursued academic employment or not. We list them by the year of the dissertation defense (which is not necessarily the same as the year the degree is actually awarded), giving the student's name, title of the dissertation, the dissertation director, placement information.
  • Current "ABD" graduate students ("All But Dissertation" — that is, admitted to candidacy and currently working on their dissertations) who have full-time academic positions elsewhere.

Note that this page should not be regarded as a "where are they now" listing. Many of these people have moved on to other positions in ways that reflect their own personal career development rather than our placement efforts. Nevertheless, we welcome all corrections and updates.

For a complete list of all Ph.D. dissertations and M.A. theses ever granted in our Deparment, click here.

Completed Ph.D.'s


  • Houser, Kevin, Suffering, Acknowledgement, and the Ethical Space of Reasons. (Michael Morgan) 2015
    • 'Beamer-Schneider Teaching Fellow in Ethics, the Seminar Approach to General Education and Scholarship, Case Western Reserve University, 2014-
  • Woodward, Philip, The Emergence of Mental Content: An Essay in the Metaphysics of Mind. (Timothy O'Connor) 2015
    • Assistant Professor, tenure track, Valparaiso University, 2015-


  • Jankovic, Marija, Conventional Meaning. (Kirk Ludwig) 2014
    • Visiting Assistant Professor, Davidson College, 2014-
  • Palmer, Elizabeth, Facts as reasons: The role of experience in empiricial justification. (Adam Leite) 2014
    • Instructor, University of Florida, 2014-
  • Rings, Michael, The Aesthetic Cosmopolitan Project. (Sandra Shapshay, Jonanthan Weinberg) 2014
    • Adjunct, Pacific Lutheran University and Bellevue College


  • Carlson, Matt, The Structure of Logical Knowledge. (Gary Ebbs) 2013
    • Visiting Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico, 2013-14, Assistant Professor, tenure track, Wabash University, 2014-
  • Gonnerman, Chad, Concepts in Psychology: Towards a Better Hybrid Theory (Jonathan Weinberg, Timothy O'Connor) 2013
    • Postdoc, Michigan State University, 2013-14; Assistant Professor, tenure track, University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, 2014-
  • Han, Gwakhee, Integrity as a Moral Virtue. (Marcia Baron) 2013
    • Instructor, University of Korea, 2013-
  • Jones, Derek, Primitive Agency. (Frederick Schmitt) 2013
    • Assistant Professor, tenure track, University of Evansville, 2013-
  • Koss, Michael, Semantic and Mathematical Foundations for Intuitionism. (David Charles McCarty) 2013
    • Visiting Assistant Professor, Franklin and Marshall College, 2013-


  • Talcott, David, Metaphysics and Religion in Plato’s Euthyphro. (Mike Morgan) 2012
    • Instructor, Kings College, NY 2011-
  • Cheung, Kwok-Tung, Doxastic Involuntarism, Epistemic Deliberation and Agency. (Adam Leite) 2012
    • Lecturer, University of Dayton, OH 2012-
  • Gehring, Allen, Truthmaker Theory and Its Application. (Tim O’Connor) 2012
    • Assistant Professor, tenure-track, Brescia University, Owensboro, KY 2012-
  • Harris, Steven, Artifacts and Human Cognitive Agency  (Colin Allen) 2012
    • Visiting Instructor of Philosophy, Indiana State University, Terra Haute, IN 2009-
  • McAninch, Andrew, Holding Me to My Word: The Normative Avowal View of Rational Agency. (Gary Ebbs) 2012
    • Visiting Assistant Professor, Illinois Wesleyan University 2012-13
  • Phillips, Luke, Aestheticism from Kant to Nietzsche(Paul D. Eisenberg) 2012
    • Visiting Assitant Professor, Auburn University, 2012-15, Lecturer, University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University, 2015-
  • Theurer, Kari,  Rethinking Reductionism: From 17th Century Mechanism to Contemporary Molecular Neuroscience. (Colin Allen ) 2012
    • Assistant Professor, tenure-track, Trinity College, Hartford, CT 2012-


  • Cameron Buckner, Learning from Mistakes: Error Correction and the Nature of Cognition, (Colin Allen) 2011.
    • Assistant Professor, tenure-track, University of Houston, 2014
  • Jason Lopez, The Process of Defining Self-Deception (Paul Spade). Degree awarded 2011.
    • One year position at Siena College, 2011.
  • Hua Wang (aka Ellie), Toward an Empirically Grounded Theory of Virtues for Consequentialism, (Marcia Baron), Ph.D. 2011.
    • Tenure-track position, National Chengchi U., in Taiwan, Feb. 2012


  • Churchill, John Mental Causation and the Problem of Causal Exclusion. . (Tim O’Connor) 2010
    • Director, Program in Philosophy & Theology, John Temple Foundation 2010-
  • Diener, David The Supremacy and Irrelevance of Reason: Kierkegaard’s Understanding of Authority in the Second Authorship.  (Paul Spade) 2010
    • Taylor University, Ft. Wayne, IN 2011-
  • Kirchner, Dan, Sittlichkeit and the Ancient View of the Self in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit, (Paul D. Eisenberg).
    • Centre College (tenure-track) 2010-


  • Burkhart, Brian, Respect for Kinship: Toward an Indigenous Environmental Ethics, (Paul Spade).
    • Pitzer College, Visiting Assistant Professor
    • Woodbury University, 2009-


  • Alexander, Joshua, Philosophical Intuitions and Experimental Philosophy (Joan Weiner).
    • Siena College (tenure track), 2008-
  • Aumann, Antony, Kierkegaard on the Need for Indirect Communication (Paul Spade).
    • Ohio State University, 2008-2009
    • St. Olaf College, Kierkegaard House Foundation Fellow, 2009-2010
    • Northern Michigan University (tenure track), 2010-
  • Bassett, Greg, Searching for Normativity, (Marcia Baron).
    • Professional musician (did not seek position in philosophy), 2008-2010
    • Aquinas College, adjunct lecturer, 2010-
  • Im, Seungpil,  A Study of Kant’s Dreams of a Spirit Seer: Kant’s Ambiguous Relation to Swedenborg (Fred Beiser).
    • Kyung Hee University, 2009-2010.
  • Jacobs, Jonathan, Causal Powers, A Neo-Aristotelian Metaphysic (Tim O'Connor).
    • University of St. Thomas (tenure track), 2006-2008
    • St. Louis University (tenure track), 2008-
  • Keele, Lisa, Theories of Continuity and Infinitesimals:  Four Philosophers of the Nineteenth Century (David McCarty)
    • Louisiana Scholars' College in Northwestern State University (tenure track)
  • Theiner, Georg, From Extended Minds to Group Minds: Rethinking the Boundaries of the Mental.  (Tim O’Connor).
    • University of Alberta, Killam Post-doctoral Fellow, 2008-2011
    • Villanova University (tenure-track), 2011-


  • John Ceballes. "Hearing the Call of Reason: Kant and Publicity" (Marcia Baron).
    • University of South Carolina, 2011-
    • Hamilton College, 2007-2008
    • University of Delaware, 2008-2009
    • Wooster College, 2009-2010
  • Kevin Kimble. "The Intentional Structure of Phenomenal Awareness" (Timothy O'Connor).
    • National Chung-Cheng University (Taiwan, tenure track), 2007– .
  • Alexander M. Klein. "The Rise of Empiricism: William James, Thomas Hill Green, and the Struggle over Psychology" (Elisabeth Lloyd).
    • University of Toronto (Postdoc), 2006-2008.
    • Mellon Post-doc, Cornell (2008-2009)
    • Cal State Long Beach (tenure track), 2009-
  • Brian E. McDonald. "Constraint Variational Semantics" (Anil Gupta).
    • Unknown
  • Melissa Seymour. "Duties of Love and Kant's Doctrine of Obligatory Ends" (Marcia Baron).
    • University of Georgia (tenure track), 2007– .


  • Darren Abramson. "Computability and Mind" (David Charles McCarty).
    • Dalhousie University (tenure track), 2005– .
  • Hilmi Demir. "Error Comes with Imagination: A Probabilistic Theory of Mental Content" (Frederick Schmitt).
    • California State University (tenure track), San Bernardino, 2006–07.
    • Bilkent University (Turkey), (tenure track), 2007–  .
  • Stephen Crowley. "A Simple Story About Simple Inquiries: Micro-epistemology and Animal Cognition" (Mark Kaplan and Colin Allen).
    • Boise State University (tenure track), 2006– .
  • Beth Tropman . "Moral Realism and the New Intuitionism" (David Charles McCarty).
    • Colorado State University (tenure track), 2006– .


  • Yuko Murakami. "Modal Logic of Partitions" (Larry Moss and J. Michael Dunn).
    • Cognitive Science, Chiba University (Japan) (Visiting Position).
  • Daniel Werner, "Myth and Philosophy in Plato's Phaedrus" (Michael L. Morgan).
    • Wesleyan University (Visiting Position).
    • State University of New York at New Paltz (tenure track), 2007– .
  • Jennifer Wolsing. "Free at Last: A Libertarian Defense of Free Will" (Timothy O'Connor).
    • Dr. Wolsing completed her degree at IU School of Law, and is now an attorney in St. Louis. She also has done some teaching for Wash. U. Law School.


  • Brian Conolly. "Studies in the Metaphysics of Dietrich von Freiberg" (Paul Vincent Spade).
    • Skidmore (Visiting Position)
    • Simon's Rock College of Bard (tenure track), 2006–).
  • Pragati Jain. "Validity and Its Epistemic Role" (J. Michael Dunn).
    • Center for Educational Development and Academic Methods (CEDAM), Australia National University.
  • Erik Lindland. "Kierkegaard on Self-Deception." (Paul Vincent Spade).
    • DePauw University (Visiting Assistant Professor, 2004–06)
      University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Visiting Assistant Professor, 2006– ).
  • Joshua Shaw. "Putting Ethics First: Reconsidering Emmanuel Levinas's Ethical Metaphysics" (Michael L. Morgan)
    • Pennsylvania State University, Erie, (tenure track).


  • Karen Brown. "Epistemic Possibilities and the Sources of Belief" (Timothy O'Connor).
    • Cornell College.
  • Eric Dalton. "Analyticity, Holism and Conceptual Role Semantics" (Anil Gupta).
    • University of Southern Indiana (Instructor)
  • Ingo Farin, "Studies in Early Heidegger (1919 –1923)" (Michael L. Morgan). (Saint John's College, Santa Fe)
  • Michah Gottlieb, "The Ambiguity of Reason: Mendelssohn's Writings on Spinoza" (Frederick Beiser).
    • Brown University (Visting appointment). New York University (Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies), 2006– .
  • Brian P.R. Morton. "Ineffability and Self-Refutation: Non-Monotonic Logic in the Thought of Pseudo-Dionysius, Sextus Empiricus, and the Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita" (Timothy O'Connor).
    • University of Idaho (Visiting Assistant Professor), 2003–04; Auburn University (Visiting Assistant Professor), 2004–05. Indiana State University (Assistant Professor), 2005–  .
  • Matthew P. Pamental, "Naturalized Human Agency and the Emergence of Norms: Placing Dewey's Ethics on the Map" (Karen Hanson)
    • Northern Illinois University (Full-time, renewable Instructorship)


  • Corry, Richard Lachlan. "A Causal-Structural Theory of Empirical Knowledge" (Michael Friedman).
    • University of Tasmania (tenure track).
  • Guldman, Rony. "Two Orientations towards Human Nature" (Karen Hanson).
    • Fordham University (Teaching Post-Doc).
  • Kaniike, Yoichi. "Carnap's Conception of Wissenschaftslogik" (Michael Friedman).
    • Associate Fellow, Center of Philosophy, University of Tokyo.
  • Rondo Keele, "Formal Ontology in the 14th Century: The Chatton Principle" (Paul Vincent Spade).
    • American University in Cairo, 2002–05; Louisiana Scholars' College in Northwestern State University, 2005– .


  • Andrew Janiak, "Kant's Newtonianism" (Michael Friedman).
    • MIT (post-doc), 2001–02; Duke University, 2002– (tenure track)  .
  • Hans Eung Kim, "The Problem of Indexicality".
    • Universithy of Pittsburgh (Visiting Assistant Professor).
    • Kookimin University, Seoul (Assistant Professor).
  • Caleb Liang, "Toward an Understanding of Objectivity: A Study of the Realism/AntiRealism Debate and the Nature of Empirical Content" (Anil Gupta).
    • National Chung Cheng University (Taiwan)
    • National Taiwan University (Taiwan) .


  • Axel Arturo Barceló Aspieta, "Mathematics as Grammar: 'Grammar' in Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Mathematics during the Middle Period" (David McCarty).
    • Institute of Philosophy, Mexico.
  • Jeffrey R. DiLeo, "Is There a Text in Philosophy? Writing, Style, Rhetoric, and Culture" (Michael L. Morgan).
    • Georgia Tech (Brittain Fellow), 1997–98; University of Illinois at Chicago (Lecturer), 1998–2002; University of Houston–Victoria (Assistant Professor), 2002–05, (Dean of Arts and Sciences), 2005– .
  • Jack Green Musselman, "Judicial Craftsmanship at the Supreme Court: A Critical Legal Studies Examination of Court Crafts Informing the Hate Speech Debate" (Milton Fisk).
    • Holyoke Community College (Instructor, tenure-track), 1998–99; Southwestern University (Adjunct Instructor), 2000-01, (Visiting Assistant Professor) 2001-02; Center for Teaching Excellence, St. Edward's University, (Assistant Director) 2002–04, (Director), 2004-06, (Assistant Professor and Director of the Center for Ethics and Leadership), 2006- .
  • David Olson Pook, "Objectivity, Skepticism, and the Realistic Spirit in Ethics" (Karen Hanson).
    • Berkshire School, Sheffield, Mass.


  • Katalin Bimbó, "Substructural Logics, Combinatory Logic, and Lambda-Calculus" (J. Michael Dunn).
    • Automated Reasoning Project, Australian National University, Canberra (research fellowship).
    • University of Alberta (tenure track), Assistant Professor.
  • Charles Bolyard, "Knowledge, Certainty and Propositions Per Se Notae: A Study of Peter Auriol" (Paul Vincent Spade).
    • James Madison University.
  • Anthony Chemero, "How to Be An Anti-Representationalist" (Brian Cantwell Smith/Timothy van Gelder).
    • Franklin and Marshall College (Dept. of Scientific & Philosophical Studies of Mind, and Dept. of Psychology).
  • Craig DeLancey, "Emotion, Action and Intentionality" (Nino B. Cocchiarella).
    • Non-academic employment with McKinsey & Company, 1999–2002; SUNY-Oswego, 2002–  .
  • James Edwards, "Justification as Intra-Personal Argumentation" (Timothy W. O'Connor).
    • University of the Redlands (Visiting Instructor), 1998–2001; Shippensburg University, 2001–  .
  • Delfin Ig. Grueso, "Justice and Minorities: A Defense of John Rawls' Political Liberalism" (Milton Fisk).
  • Thomas Vincent Kennedy, "Impartiality and the Moral Domain" (Karen Hanson).
    • Indiana University Southeast, University of Louisville. (Both part time. Kennedy is taking time off from a law practice to raise children, while his wife pursues a fulltime medical practice in the Louisville area.)
  • Yiwei Zheng, "Bad Faith, Authenticity and Pure Reflection in Jean-Paul Sartre's Early Philosophy" (Paul Vincent Spade).
    • St. Cloud State University.


  • James Hintze Hardy, "Instantial Reasoning, Arbitrary Objects, and Holey Propositions" (Anil Gupta).
    • California Polytechnic at Pomona (Instructor), 1997–98; UCLA (Lecturer), 1998–2003; Texas Tech, 2003–04; Idaho State University (Research Professor).
  • Adam Kovach, "A Species of Good: An Essay on Truth as a Kind of Value" (Anil Gupta).
    • Peirce Edition Project, Indiana University/Purdue University-Indianapolis (post-doc), 1998–99; Johns Hopkins, 1999; University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 2000; Haverford College (Visiting Assistant Professor), 2001–03; Franklin and Marshall College 2003–04; Marymount College (Assistant Professor).
  • Byeong-Deok Lee, "The Paradox of Belief Instability and A Revision Theory of Belief" (Anil Gupta).
    • City University of Seoul, South Korea (Assistant Professor)..
  • Carolyn Ray, "Identity and Universals: A Conceptual Approach to Logical, Metaphysical and Epistemological Problems of Contemporary Identity Theory" (Karen Hanson).
    • Non-academic employment.


  • Charles Robert Hogg, Jr. "Ethica secundum Stoicos: An Edition, Translation, and Critical Essay" (Michael L. Morgan).
    • Affiliate Professor - Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI, 2008
  • John Mark Mattox, "Saint Augustine and the theory of just war" (Paul Vincent Spade).
    Career military officer.
  • Pamela Miller, "The Implications of John Dewey's Ideas for Environmental Ethics" (Karen Hanson).
    • Ball State University.
  • Gregg Howard Rosenberg, "A Place for Consciousness: Probing the Deep Structure of the Natural World" (J. Michael Dunn).
    • Systems engineer, Object Design, Inc.


  • Jeffrey Fry, "Self-Esteem, Moral Luck, and the Meaning of Grace" (James G. Hart/Paul D. Eisenberg).
    • Illinois Wesleyan University, 1996–97 (Visiting Assistant Professor); Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Indiana University/Purdue University—Columbus, 1997–98; Ball State University, 1998–  .
  • Atsushi Shimojima, "On the Efficacy of Representation" (K. Jon Barwise).
    • Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (post-doc, 1996–98; professorship, 1998–  ).


  • Ruth Eberle, "Diagrams and Natural Deduction: Theory and Pedagogy of Hyperproof" (K. Jon Barwise).
    • James B. Nelson Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Indiana University, 1995–96; Director of Computer Technology, Dept. of Cognitive Science, and Visiting Assistant Professor of Informatics and Cognitive Science, Indiana University.
  • Eric Hammer, "Diagrams, Logic and Representation" (K. Jon Barwise).
    • Center for The Study of Language and Information, Stanford University (post-doc), 1995–96; M.Sc. candidate in Computer Science, Indiana University, 1996–  .
  • Isabel Luengo, "Diagrams in Geometry" (K. Jon Barwise).
    • MiraCosta College.
  • Ivan Marquez (Milton Fisk).
    • California State University at Fresno (Visiting Assistant Professor), 1996–97; Bentley College, 1998–  .
  • Martin Schönfeld, "Kant's Early Philosophy of Nature: Science and Metaphysics" (Frederick C. Beiser/Michael Friedman).
    • University of South Florida.
  • H. Peter Steeves, "Toward a Phenomenological Ethic of Community" (James G. Hart/Paul Vincent Spade).
    • California State University at Fresno (Visiting Assistant Professor), 1995–98; De Paul University, 1998–  .


  • Raymundo Morado, "Fault-Tolerant Reasoning" (J. Michael Dunn).
    • Institute of Philosophy, Mexico.
  • Surekha Gillian Parker, "An Aesthetic Theory for Metaphor: How to Avoid Beating a Good Metaphor to Death" (Michael L. Morgan).
    • University of Cincinnati (Visiting Assistant Professor), 1993–95; Sonoma State University, 1995–  .
  • Anayra O. Santory Jorge, "The Moral Force of Philosophy" (Karen Hanson).
    • Universidad Centroamericana "José Simeón Cañas" (El Salvador), 1994–98; Civil Infrastructure Research Center, University of Puerto Rico—Mayagüez (researcher).
  • Bokuk Yoon, "The Problem of Naturalizing Intentionality" (Anil Gupta).
    • Ball State University (Visiting Assistant Professor)
    • Ewha Womans University, South Korea (Assistant Professor) .


  • David Chalmers, "Toward a Theory of Consciousness" (J. Michael Dunn/Douglas Hofstadter).
    • Washington University (post-doc); University of California at Santa Cruz, 1995–99; University of Arizona, 1999–  .
  • André Chapuis, "Circularity, Truth, and the Liar Paradox" (Anil Gupta/K. Jon Barwise).
    • University of Fribourg (Switzerland), 1993–  .
    • Gymnasium St. Antonius, Appenzell (Switzerland).
  • Gary Nelson Curtis, "The Concept of Logical Form" (Anil Gupta).
    • Indiana State University (part time); non-academic employment with CYCORP, 2000–  .
  • Chrysafis Hartonas, "Algebraic and Kripke Semantics for Substructural Logics" (J. Michael Dunn/K. Jon Barwise).
    • University of Leicester, 1994–95 University of Athens (Greece); Research Fellow, University of Sussex (UK).
  • Paul Syverson, "Logic, Convention, and Common Knowledge" (J. Michael Dunn).
    • U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (mathematics).
  • Christopher Vaughan, "Pure Reflection: Self-Knowledge and Moral Understanding in the Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre" (Paul Vincent Spade).
    • Computer Consultant, Whitman-Hart, Cincinnati.


  • Stephen Ronald Craig Hicks, "Foundationalism and the Genesis of Justification" (Karen Hanson).
    • Trenton State College; Rockford College.
  • Yin-Bin Ning, "A Post-Philosophical Essay on Knowledge/Power: Richard Rorty, Anti-Foundationalism, and the Possibility of an Alternative Epistemology" (Milton Fisk).
    • National Central University, Taiwan.


  • M. Gordon Beavers, "Topics in Lukasiewics Logics" (J. Michael Dunn/William H. Wheeler).
    • University of the Ozarks (Mathematics).
  • Soraj Hongladarom, "Imagination in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason" (Frederick C. Beiser).
    • Chulalongkoin University (Thailand), 1991–  .
  • In-Tak Lee, "A Critique of the Universalist Theory of Ethical Justification: Habermas vs. the Contextual Point of View" (Milton Fisk).
    • Seoul National University (Korea).
  • Yu-Houng Houng, "Classicism, Connectionism, and the Concept of Level" (J. Michael Dunn).
    • Academica Sinica (Taiwan); Director, Institute of Philosophy, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan.


  • Bobby Dixon, "The Master-Slave Dialectic in the Writings of Ralph Ellison: Toward a Neo-Hegelian Synthesis" (Paul D. Eisenberg).
    • Kent State University.
  • José-Manuel Favila, "Intersubjectivity of Indexical Thoughts" (Hector-Neri Castañeda).
    • Institute of Philosophy, Mexico.
  • Frank Foulks, "A Phenomenalist Semantic Frame for the Semiotics of Contrapuntal Theory" (Romane Clark).
    • Indiana University/Purdue University-Indianapolis (part-time); staff, Indiana University/Purdue University-Indianapolis School of Medicine.
  • Monica Holland, "Beliefs Based on Emotional Reception: Their Formation, Justification and Truth" (Karen Hanson).
    • University of Maryland (part-time); investment banking, at McDonald & Company Securities, Inc., Cleveland.
  • Edwin David Mares, "The Logic of Fictional Discourse" (J. Michael Dunn).
    • Australian National University (post-doc); Victoria University (New Zealand), 1994–  ).


  • Gonzalo Armijos, "Marxism, Pragmatism, and Historical Realism: An Epistemological Appraisal" (Milton Fisk).
    • Universidade Federal de Goiás (Brazil).
  • Max A. Freund, "Formal Investigations of Holistic Realist Ramified Conceptualism" (Nino B. Cocchiarella).
    • Universidad nacional de Costa Rica.
  • Ana Maróstica de Gómez, "Peirce's Conception of Truth: A Tychist Approach" (Hector-Neri Castañeda).
    • California State University, Los Angeles.
  • Kibujjo M. Kalumba, "The Common Good as a Mandate for the Official Catholic Church's Participation in, and Support for, the Current Revolutionary Movements in Latin America" (Milton Fisk).
    • Ball State University.
  • Adriano Palma, "Indexicality" (Hector-Neri Castañeda).
    • University of Geneva; Bosporus University (Turkey) National Chung Cheng University (Taiwan).


  • Priyedarshi Jetli, "The Origins of the Realist Conception of Relations in Plato's Phaedo" (Hector-Neri Castañeda).
    • University of Delhi, India.
  • Sheri Katz, "Ontology and Epistemology in John Scotus Eriugena" (Paul D. Eisenberg).
    • Spring Hill College.


  • Timothy Joseph Day, "Infinite Regress Arguments: Some Metaphysical and Epistemological Problems" (Romane Clark).
    • University of Alabama.
  • Kathleen Gill, "A Theory of Events" (Hector-Neri Castañeda).
    • St. Cloud State University.
  • Alejandro Herrera, "Leibniz on Existence" (Hector-Neri Castañeda).
    • Institute of Philosophy, Mexico.
  • Gregory Landini, "Meinong Reconstructed versus Early Russell Reconstructed: A Study of the Formal Ontology of Fiction" (Nino B. Cocchiarella).
    • Ball State University; University of Iowa.
  • Robert Morris, "A 'Complementarity Thesis' for Doxastic Truth" (Hector-Neri Castañeda).
    • Florida Institute of Technology (Computer Science).
  • Francesco Orilia, "Natural Language Semantics and Guise Theory" (Hector-Neri Castañeda).
    • University of Cagliari (Italy); University of Macerata (Italy).


Updates forthcoming