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Indiana University Bloomington

Graduate Program

A Note about Diversity

The Graduate School and Philosophy Department at Indiana University are committed to increasing the diversity of their student bodies. In response to prospective students’ need for peer-to-peer communication as they explore their graduate education options, the University Graduate School and the diversity committee of the Graduate and Professional Student Organization partnered to create the Emissaries for Graduate Student Diversity program in 2007.  The goal of the Emissaries program is to provide insight into life as a graduate student at a Midwestern research institution through the voices and various experiences of current graduate students.

The Emissaries are comprised of current IU PhD-track students who apply, interview and receive training in extending that famous Hoosier hospitality (the art of making one feel right at home) to prospective graduate students.   We are pleased to make available the following Emissary-created resources to prospective graduate students:  

  1. IU Emissaries for Graduate Student Diversity, 2009 - 2010
    webpage profiling eight PhD students serving as Emissaries
  2. Graduate Student Life at IU Blog
    The Emissaries’ blog, containing reflections about life as a graduate student on the Bloomington campus
  3. Walking Tours of the IUB Campus for prospective graduate students by current graduate students
    Walking tours of the IUB campus created for graduate students by the graduate students serving as Emissaries for Graduate Diversity
  4. Emissaries are available to provide one-on-one campus tours to prospective graduate students.  Tours can be requested by emailing  Be sure to specify date and time preference.