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Indiana University Bloomington

Graduate Program

Ph.D. Dissertations and M.A. Theses

Here, to the best of our ability to reconstruct it, is a list of all Ph.D. dissertations and Master's Theses ever written in our Department. (For a shorter list of only more recent Ph.D. dissertations, see our page of placement information.) Note that, until 1929, the Department of Philosophy was not distinct from the Department of Psychology at Indiana University. This helps to explain some of the titles below that nowadays might be thought odd to find in a Department of Philosophy. Nevertheless, even Dr. Tugman's 1912 dissertation on the English sparrow — which is as pure a piece of empirical psychology as one could require (it even contains a discussion of how to handle the sparrows) — says it is submitted for the Ph.D. in Philosophy, not Psychology. The same goes for the pre-1929 M.A. theses listed below.

Ph.D. Dissertations


Tugman, Eupha May Foley. Light Discrimination in the English Sparrow.


Baker, Arthur Mulford. The River of God: The Source-Stream for Morals and Religion.


Reeves, George Cooper. The Philosophy of Tommaso Campanella with Special Reference to His Doctrine of the Sense of Things and of Magic, with a Translation of Books 1 and 2 and a Bibliography.


Al-Faruqi, Isma'il R. On Justifying the Good.


Kramer, Richard Neil. The Ontological Foundations of Negatives.

Mayfield, William Hollingsworth. Platonism and Christianity in the Work of Paul Elmer More.


Carmichael, Douglas. Order and Human Value.


Frye, Robert Edward. Pragmatism in Recent Non-Pragmatic Systems: Santayana, Bergson, Whitehead.


Faruki, Mohamed Zuhdi Taji. The Universal Categories of Charles Sanders Peirce.

Hayes, Frank Ambrose. Platonic Elements in Spinoza's Theory of Method.


Churchill, James Spencer. Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics.

Lord, Catherine. The Cognitive Import of Art, with Reference to Kant's Theory of Aesthetic Judgment.

Rukavina, Thomas. Heidegger as Critic of Western Thinking.


Owsley, Richard Mills. The Moral Philosophy of Karl Jaspers.


Anton, Peter Achilles. Empiriciam and Analysis.

Kleis, Sander J. Brightman's Idea of God.

Smyth, Richard A. Kant's Theory of Reference.


Davis, Clarence George. Obligation and Aspiration in Ethics.


Lineback, Richard H. The Place of the Imaginatiion in Hume's Epistemology.

Wisadavet, Wit. Sartre's and the Buddhist's Concept of Man.


Dietl, Paul Joseph. Explanation and Action: An Examination of the Controversy between Hume and Some of His Contemporary Critics.

Tovo, Jerome. The Experience of Causal Efficacy in Whitehead and Hume.

Young, Theodore A. Change in Aristotle, Descartes, Human, and Whitehead: An Essay in Philosophy of Nature.


Galligan, Edward Michael. Plato and the Philosophy of Language.

Howard, Vernon Alfred. The Academic Compromise on Free Will in Nineteenth Century American Philosophy: A Study of Thomas C. Upham's A Philosophical and Practical Treatise on the Will (1834).

Perkins, Robert L. Kierkegaard and Hegel: The Dialectical Structure of Kierkegaard's Ethical Thought.

Peterson, John. Logical Atomism and the Realism-Nominalism Issue: A Critique of Contemporary Atomism from the Viewpoint of Classical Realism.


Allen, Allan J. Moral Judgment and the Concept of a Universal Imperative with Special Reference to Kant.

Clatterbaugh, Kenneth C. The Problem of Individuation.

Cooper, William F. Francesco Romero's Theory of Value.

Gram, Moltke S. Two Theories of the A Priori.

Robinsin, William S. Perception and Reference.


Bayles, Michael D. Rule Utilitarianism and an Enlightened Moral Consciousness.

Hanke, John W. The Ontological Status of the Work of Art in the Aesthetics of Maritain.

Perreiah, Alan R. Is There a Doctrine of Supposition in the Logica Magna?

Vollrath, John. Actions and Events.


Park, Désirée. Berkeley's Theory of Notions.


Roberts, Lawrence D. John Duns Scotus and the Concept of Human Freedom.

Samuelson, Norbert. The Problem of God's Knowledge in Gersonides: A Translation of and Commentary to Book Three of the Milhamot Adonai.

Scott, Stephen Hamilton. Universals and Ontological Analysis.


Barford, Robert. The Criticisms of the Theory of Forms in the First Part of Plato's Parmenides.

Marquis, Donald Bagley. Scientific Realism and the Antinomy of External Objects.


Dreher, John Hugo. A Study of Human Action.

Heizer, Ruth Bradfute. A Critique of Karl Popper's Solution to the Problem of Induction.

Hull, Richard T. The Role of the Principle of Acquaintance in Contemporary Disputes over the Relation of Mental, Perceptual, and Physical.

Nassar, Alan George. The Ontological Argument and the Problem of God.


Beversluis, John. The Connection between Duty and Happiness in Kant's Moral Philosophy.

Cadwallader, Eva Hauel. Nicolai Hartmann's Twentieth-Century Value Platonism.

Williams, Clifford. 'Now', Interchangeability without a Change of Truth Value, and Time.

Williams, Thomas Raymong. The Ideal Observer Theory in Ethics.


Fletcher, James John. Generalization in Art Criticism and the Role Therin of Paradigmatic Aesthetic Objects.

Freeman, James B. Algebraic Semantics for Modal and Relevant Predicate Logics.

Hunt, Walter Murray. An Examination of Some Problems about the Nature of "Moral" Situations and Their Role in Ethics.

Nute, Donald. Identification and Demonstrative Reference.


Geels, Donald Eugene. False Beliefs and Possible States of Affairs.


MacCarthy, Mark Michael. On Methodological Individualism.


McKinsey, Thomas Michael. The Reference of Proper Names: A Critical Essay in the Philosophy of Language.

Rapaport, William Joseph. Intentionality and the Structure of Existence.


Kapitan, Tomis. Foundations for a Theory of Propositional Form, Implication, Alethic Modality and Generalization.


Dipert, Randall R. Development and Crisis in Late Boolean Logic: The Deductive Logics of Peirce, Jevons and Schröder.

Maloney, J. Christopher. A Philosophical Theory of Perception.

Seiferth, David M. The Grounds of Moral Rightness.


Fleming, Roger A. A Relativist Theory of Truth and the Problem of Skepticism.

Momoh, Campbell Shittu. An African Conception of Being and the Traditional Problem of Freedom and Determinism.


Lesses, Glenn. Desire and Motivation in Plato: Issues in the Psychology of the Early Dialogues and the Republic.

Macdonald, J. Ellis. On Truth and Falsehood in the Extra-Moral Sense: A Translation and Critical Study.

Pendlebury, Michael John. Believing.

Weber, Gregory Dean. Theory of Purposive Behavior, Desire, and Belief, with Applications to the Issues of Materialism and the Objectivity of Value Judgments.

Wilt, Lawrence J. M. Franz Brentano's Epistemology for Ethics.


Laycock, Steven William. Intersubjectivity and the Divine Envisionment.

Schoenig, Richard Keith. Primary and Secondary Qualities.


Etuk, Udo A. Ethical Postulates for African Development.

Gomez, Ricardo J. Kant's Pre-Transcendental Conception of Science.

Kim, Hyo-Myung. Constant Conjunction and Necessity: A Study in Hume's Theory of Causation.

Kincaid, Harold. Hegel and Holistic Explanation.

Wahl, Russell. Propositions and Facts in the Early Philosophy of Bertrand Russell.


Bahlul, Raja. Sameness and Similarity and the Identity of Indiscernibles.

Cohen, Daniel H. The Logic of Conditional Assertions.


Day, Timothy Joseph. Infinite Regress Arguments: Some Metaphysical and Epistemological Problems.

Kill, Kathleen. A Theory of Events.

Herrera, Alejandro Ibanez. Leibniz on Existence.

Landini, Gregory. Meinong Reconstructed versus Early Russell Reconstructed: A Study in the Formal Ontology of Fiction.

Morris, Robert Allan. A Complementarity Thesis for Doxastic Truth.

Orilia, Francesco. Natural Language Semantics and Guise Theory.


Jetli, Priyedarshi. The Origins of a Realist Conception of Relations in Plato's Phaedo.

Katz, Sheri. Ontology and Epistemology in John Scottus Eriugena.


Armijos, Gonzalo. Marxism, Pragmatism, and Historical Realism: An Epistemological Appraisal.

Freund, Max A. Formal Investigations of Holistic Realist Ramified Conceptualism.

Kalumba, Kibuggo M. The Common Good as a Mandate for the Official Catholic Church's Support for, And Participation in, the Various Revolutionary Movements in Latin America.

Maróstica de Gomez, Ana. Peirce's Conceptions of Truth: A Tychist Approach.

Palma, Adriano. Indexicality.


Dixon, Bobby R. The Master-Slave Dialectic in the Writings of Ralph Ellison: Toward a Neo-Hegelian Synthesis.

Favila, José Manuel. Intersubjectivity of Indexical Thoughts.

Foulks, Frank. A Phenomenal Semantic Frame for the Semiotics of Contrapuntal Theory.

Holland, Monica. Beliefs Based on Emotional Reception: Their Formation, Justification and Truth.

Mares, Edwin David. The Logic of Fictional Discourse.


Beavers, M. Gordon. Topics in Lukasiwicz Logics.

Houng, Yu-Houng. Classicism, Connectionism, and the Concept of Level.

Lee, In Tak. A Critique of the Universalist Theory of Ethical Justification: Habermas vs. the Contextualist Point of View.

Soraj, Hongladarom. Imagination in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.


Hicks, Stephen Ronald Craig. Foundationalism and the Genesis of Justification.

Ning, Yin-Bin. A Post-Philosophical Essay on Knowledge/Power: Richard Rorty, Anti-Foundationalism, and the Possibility of an Alternative Epistemology.


Chalmers, David John. Toward a Theory of Consciousness.

Curtis, Gary Nelson. The Concept of Logical Form.

Chapuis, André. Circularity, Truth, and the Liar Paradox.

Syverson, Paul F. Logic, Convention, and Common Knowledge.

Vaughan, Christopher. Pure Reflection: Self-Knowledge and Moral Understanding in the Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre.


Morado, Raymundo. Fault-Tolerant Reasoning.

Parker, Surekha Gillian. An Aesthetic Theory for Metaphor: How to Avoid Beating a Good Metaphor to Death.

Santory Jorge, Anayra O. The Moral Force of Philosophy.

Yoon, Bosuk. The Problem of Naturalizing Intentionality.


Eberle, Ruth. Diagrams and Natural Deduction: Theory and Pedagogy of Hyperproof.

Hammer, Eric. M. Diagrams, Logic and Representation.

Luengo, Isabel. Diagrams in Geometry.

Marquez, Ivan. Rorty, Reason, and Modernity's Quest for Freedom and Equality.

Schönfield, Martin. Kant's Early Philosophy of Nature: Science and Metaphysics.

Steeves, H. Peter. Toward a Phenomenological Ethic of Community.


Fry, Jeffrey P. Self-Esteem, Moral Luck, and the Meaning of Grace.

Shimojima, Atsushi. On the Efficacy of Representation.


Hogg, Charles R., Jr. Ethics secundum stoicos: An Edition, Translation, and Critical Essay.

Mattox, John Mark. Saint Augustine and the Theory of the Just War.

Miller, Pamela. The Implications of John Dewey's Ideas for Environmental Ethics.

Rosenberg, Gregg Howard. A Place for Consciousness: Probing the Deep Structure of the Natural World.


Hardy, James Hintze. Instantial Reasoning, Arbitrary Objects, and Holey Propositions.

Kovach, Adam. A Species of Good: An Essay on Truth as a Kind of Value.

Lee, Byeong Deok. The Paradox of Belief Instability and a Revision Theory of Belief.

Ray, Carolyn. Identity and Universals: A Conceptualist Approach to Logical, Metaphysical, and Epistemological Problems of Contemporary Identity Theory.


Bimbó, Katalin. Substructural Logics, Combinatory Logic, and -Calculus.

Bolyard, Charles. Knowledge, Certainty, and Propositions Per se notae: A Study of Peter Auriol.

Chemero, Anthony P. How To Be an Anti-Representationalist.

Grueso, Delfin Ig. Justice and Monirities: An Evaluation of John Rawls' Political Liberalism.

DeLancy, Craig. Emotion, Action, and Intentionality.

Edwards, James G. Justification as Intra-Personal Argumentation.

Kennedy, Thomas V. Impartiality and the Moral Domain.

Zheng, Yiwei. Bad Faith, Authenticity, and Pure Reflection in Jean-Paul Sartre's Early Philosophy.


Barceló Aspeita, Axel Arturo. Mathematics as Grammar: 'Grammar' in Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Mathematics during the Middle Period.

DiLeo, Jeffrey R. Is There a Text in Philosophy: Writing, Style, Rhetoric and Culture.

Musselman, Jack Green. Judicial Craftmanship at the Supreme Court: A Critical Legal Studies Examination of Court Crafts Informing the Hate Speech Debate (2 vols).

Pook, David Olson. Objectivity, Skepticism, and the Realistic Spirit in Ethics.


Janiak, Andrew. Kant's Newtonianism.

Kim, Hans Eung. The Problem of Indexicality.

Liang, Caleb. Toward an Understanding of Objectivity: A Study of the Realism/Antirealistm Debate and the Nature of Empirical Content.


Corry, Richard Lachlan. A Causal-Structural Theory of Empirical Knowledge.

Guldmann, Rony. Two Orientations towards Human Nature.

Kaniike, Yoichi. Carnap's Conception of Wissenshaftslogik.

Keele, Rondo Patten. Formal Ontology in the Fourteenth Century: The Chatton Principle and Ockham's Razor.


Brown, Karen Leigh. Epistemic Possibilities and the Sources of Belief.

Dalton, Eric. Analyticity, Holism and Conceptual Role Semantics.

Farin, Ingo. Studies in Early Heidegger (1919–1923).

Gottlieb, Michah. The Ambiguity of Reason: Mendelssohn's Writings on Spinoza.

Morton, Brian P. R. Ineffability and Self-Refutation: Non-Monotonic Logic in the Thought of Pseudo-Dionysius, Sextus Empiricus, and the Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita.

Pamental, Matthew P. Naturalized Human Agency and the Emergence of Norms: Placing Dewey's Ethics on the Map.


Conolly, Brian Francis. Studies in the Metaphysics of Dietrich von Freiberg.

Jain, Pragati. Validity and Its Epistemic Roles.

Lindland, Erik. Kierkegaard on Self-Deception.

Shaw, Joshua. Putting Ethics First: Reconsidering Emmanuel Levinas's Ethical Metaphysics.


Murakami, Yuko. Modal Logic of Partitions.

Werner, Daniel. Myth and Philosophy in Plato's Phaedrus.

Wolsing, Jennifer. Free at Last: A Libertarian Defense of Free Will.


Abramson, Darren. Computability and Mind.

Demir, Hilmi. Error Comes with Imagination: A Probabilistic Theory of Mental Content.

Stephen James Crowley. A Complex Story About Simple Inquiries: Micro-epistemology and Animal Cognition.

Tropman, Beth. Moral Realism and the New Intuitionism.


Ceballes, John. Hearing the Call of Reason: Kant and Publicity.

Kimble, Kevin. The Intentional Structure of Phenomenal Awareness.

Klein, Alexander M. The Rise of Empiricism: William James, Thomas Hill Green, and the Struggle over Psychology.

McDonald, Brian E. Constraint Variational Semantics.

Seymour, Melissa. Duties of Love and Kant's Doctrine of Obligatory Ends.


Aumann, Antony, Kierkegaard on the Need for Indirect Communication.

Jacobs, Jonathan, Causal Powers, A Neo-Aristotelian Metaphysic.

Im, Seungpil, A Study of Kant’s Dreams of a Spirit Seer: Kant’s Ambiguous Relation to Swedenborg.

Alexander, Joshua, Philosophical Intuitions and Experimental Philosophy.

Keele, Lisa, Theories of Continuity and Infinitesimals: Four Philosophers of the Nineteenth Century.

Theiner, Georg, From Extended Minds to Group Minds: Rethinking the Boundaries of the Mental.


Bassett, Gregory, Searching for Normativity.

Burkhart, Brian, Respect for Kinship: Toward an Indigenous Environmental Ethics.


Churchill, John, Mental Causation and the Problem of Causal Exclusion.

Diener, David, The Supremacy and Irrelevance of Reason: Kierkegaard’s Understanding of Authority in the Second Authorship.

Kirchner, Daniel, Sittlichkeit and the Ancient View of the Self in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit.

Lee, Jaeho, Explanation and Its Place In Metaphysical and Scientific Inquiries.


Buckner, Cameron, Learning from mistakes: error-correction and the nature of cognition

Lopez, Jason, The process of defining self-deception

Wang, Ellie Hua, Toward an Empirically Grounded Theory of Virtues for Consequentialism


Cheung, Kwok-Tung, Doxastic Involuntarism, Epistemic Deliberation and Agency

Gehring, Allen, Truthmaker Theory and Its Application

Harris, Steven, Artifacts and Human Cognitive Agency

McAninch, Andrew, Holding Me to My Word: The Normative Avowal View of Rational Agency

Phillips, Luke, Aestheticism from Kant to Nietzsche

Talcott, David, Metaphysics and Religion in Plato’s Euthyphro

Theurer, Kari,  Rethinking Reductionism: From 17th Century Mechanism to Contemporary Molecular Neuroscience


Carlson, Matthew, The Structure of Logical Knowledge

Gonnerman, Chad, Concepts in psychology: Towards a better hybrid theory

Han, Gwahee, Integrity as a moral virtue

Jones, Derek, Primitive Agency

Koss, Michael, Semantic and Mathematical Foundations for Intuitionism


Jankovic, Marija, Conventional Meaning

Palmer, Elizabeth, Facts as reasons: The Role of Experience in Empirical Justification

Rings, Michael, The Aesthetic Cosmopolitan Project


Woodward, Philip, The Emergence of Mental Content: An Essay on the Metaphysics of Mind

Saxon, Michael, Drones and Contemporary Conflict: Just War Theory and the US Drone Wars

Houser, Kevin, Suffering, Acknowledgement, and the Ehtical Space of Reasons

Blake, Susan, Mental Content and Epistemic Foundations


Sommerlatte, Curtis, The Central Role of Cognition in Kant's Transcendental Deduction

Krista Rodkey, Hume on Sympathy: Justice, Politeness, and Beauty

Mason, Sharon, Knowledge and the First-Person Perspective


Emmalon Davis, Testifying Across Difference: Responsibility for Interpersonal and Structural Epistemic Injustice

Noam Hoffer, Kant’s Theoretical Conception of God

Tufan Kiymaz, Phenomenal Knowledge of Physical Facts: What Mary Didn't Know about Physicalism

Tim Perrine, Accurate Representation and Epistemic Value


Hao Hong, Truth and Reality

Dylan Black, A Philosophical Framework for the Science of Consciousness

Master's Theses


Llewelyn, Edgar Julius. The Forms of Stimulus which Favor the Radical and Permanent Expansion of Human Energy.


Knight, Homer Guy. Psychology of Initiative.


Knight, Everett Estes. The Constructive Value of Doubt with a Bibliography Appended.


Horth, Dudley Shirley. An Examination of Nicolai Hartmann's Ethical Theory.


Keller, Samuel E. Business ethics and the N.R.A. codes; an ethical analysis of business with special references to the codes prepared to comply with the requirements of the National industrial recovery act of 1933.


Meloy, John Wilson. The Nature and Function of Religious Experience: A Study in the Philosophy of Religion.


Mason, Robert E. A Semantic Alphabet for Philosophy.


Muedeking, George Herbert. The Basis for Ethics: The Contribution of Christianity to a Theory of Ethics.


Harshman, Hardwick W. Immortality in Plato.

Reagan, Gordon Lober. An Analysis and Redefinition of the Concept of Organic Unisty as an Essential Property of Aesthetic Objects.


Pitz, Sally A. The Intentional Fallacy Issue.

Van Liere, Donald Wilbur. The Relation of Virtue to Knowledge with Special Reference to Plato's Protagoras.


Jeanes, Charlotte Ann. The Ontological Status of Ought, Based on a Study of the Ought Concepts of Hartmann and Urban.


Parker, Francis Howard. A critical examination of Professor Kantor's interbehavioral description of thinking.


Barber, Richard Leslie. A Reinterpretation of the Significance of the Calculus of Classes for Aristotelian Logic.


Al-Faruqi, Isma'il R. The Ethics of Reason and the Ethics of Life (Kantian and Nietzschean Ethics).


Bullock, Robert Lee. Latent Pragmatism in the Philosophy of Schopenhauer.

Burkhart, Reginald Keith. The Aristotelian Syllogism and Causation.

Kellermann, Frederick D. Socrates and Christianity.


Achamma, John. An Interpretation of Gandhi's Religious Philosophy in the Light of Bergson's Two Sources of Morality and Religion.

Kramer, Richard Neil. The Nature of Causation.

Owsley, Richard Mills. The Concept of Evolutionary Progress and the Philosophies of Two Biologists.


Allen, Jerome Lawson. Justice and Necessity in Plato.

Sikma, Barney. God and Man: A Comparative Study of Epictetus the Stoic and St. Paul the Apostle.


Anton, Peter. Empiricism and Solipsism.

Conger, Mary Janeway. The Erotic Bird: Platonism and Wallace Stevens.

Frye, Robert Wedard. John Locke as Rationalist.


Young, Theodore A. Being and Analogy: The Role of Metaphysical Analogy in Classical Realism, Josiah Royce and R. G. Collingwood.


Crimmel, Henry H. The Copernican Revolution in Philosophy.


Ogden, Joan Barbara. The Square of Opposition: An Evaluation of the Current Controversy.

Pietersma, Henry. Freedom and Man: An Essay on Jean-Paul Sartre's View of Existential Freedom as Found in His L'Etre et le néant.

Wasserman, Irving. Realism and Historicism: A Study of the Philosophy of R. G. Collingwood.


Burkhardt, Phillip Edward. Monad and Universe: Some IMplication of Leibniz' Concept.

Davis, Clarence George. Religious Experiences.

Rukavina, Thomas. Fundamental Ontology in the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger.


Jager, Ronald. Language, Truth and Intentional Logic.


D'Abbracci, Anthony Robert. Order vs. the Arbitrary: St. Thomas Aquinas and Duns Scotus.

Perkins, Robert L. Aesthetics and Existence: Some Kierkegaardian Themes.

Smyth, Richard A. Intuition and Concept: A Study in Kantian Logic.


Galligan, Edward Michael. Towards the Understanding of Parmenides' Way of Truth.

Gavrilis, Nicholas. Non-Cognitive Ethics: An Examination of Five Contemporary Ethical Writers.


Leonard, Marilyn Rosenthein. Propositions and Atomic Propositions.

Stamatakos, Bess Makris. On Being Both Red and Blue All Over at the Same Time.


Lineback, Richard H. An Introduction to Kierkegaard's Philosophical Fragments.


Kuo, David Dah-Chuen. Kant's Method and His Deduction of the Categories.

Williams, Thomas Raymong. A Critique of the Rationalistic Ethical Theory Presented in Marcus Singer's Generalization in Ethics.


Mueller, Robert W. An Examination of the Meaning of the Socratic Paradoxes.


Gale, Kenneth E. Descartes: The Cogito, Substance, and Individuation.

Goldenbaum, Donald M. Ambiguities in Certain Arguments for the Existence of External Objects.

Hammond, John Elwyn. Collingwood's Theory of Presuppositions: The Road to a New Metaphysics.

Krausz, Michael. On Method in Metaphysics: A Modular Analysis for Criticism of Philosophical Theories.

Pil'l, Anne Kimino Uemura. Cogito, ergo sum: A Critical Analysis of Jaakko Hintikka's Interpretation.


Hamrick, William B. Time in the Philosophies of Whitehead and Merleau-Ponty.

Hunt, Walter Murray. The Situationism of Joseph Fletcher: An Examination of Some of Its Philosophical Bases.

Learned, Stephen Paul. The Austin-Strawson Debate on Truth.

Moon, Donald Le Rue. Max Scheler's Phenomenology of Religion: The Self-Givenness of the Divine and Human Consciousness.


Dreher, John Hugo. A Theory of Knowledge for Empiricism.

Evans, Fred J. Whitehead's Philosophy of Mind.

Johnson, Anita Louise. Activity, Labor, and Human Nature in Karl Marx.

Johnston, Thomas Michael. The Process of Transition in Whitehead's Metaphysics.

Larrabee, Mary Jeanne. Intentionality in Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger: A Comparative Study of Ideen I and Sein und Zeit.


Tilton, Louis. Sartre's Theory of the Group.


Vári, Peter. Wittgenstein and the Problem of Relations.


DiLeo, Jeffrey R. Charles S. Peirce on Proper Names and Haecceitism.


Taliano, Lisa Toni. The Tragic Affirmation of Life: A Critical Analysis of Nietzsche and Van Gogh.


Gottschling, David. Moral Philosophy's Double Vision: Toward a More Coherent Moral Philosophy.