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Virtual Tour: A Walk Down Philosopher's Path

Sycamore Hall, which houses the Philosophy Department and a few other departments, as well as classrooms, is on the east side of Agnes Wells Quad, named after the IU Dean of Women from 1918 to 1938. Across the quad from us is Goodbody Hall, now returned to use as student dormitory after housing for many years the Department of the History and Philosophy of Science, as well as other departments. On the north side of Wells Quad is Morrison Hall, which houses the Kinsey Institute, and on the south side is Memorial Hall, also now returned to use as a student dormitory.

On September 8, 2000, a portion of the brick walkway connecting these buildings was officially named "Philosopher's Path". Here are several views of that path and the various sights along the way.

Click on any image for a full-sized version.